Hawks Motorsports Facility Damaged From Fire on Tuesday Morning

We were horrified when the news started making around that a performance shop in Easley, SC has suffered major damaged from a serious looking blaze Tuesday morning. When we heard the location, we had a sinking feeling in our stomach that we knew the exact shop, and it would later be confirmed as true, Hawks Motorsports was on fire.

Hawks Motorsports is not only a long time sponsor and partner of GM EFI, they are longtime friends of ours. They have welcomed us into their facilities on numerous occasions to cover projects, and have been a great source or tech support, and just support in general all around.

Let’s start off with the good news. No one was hurt. Hawks Motorsports employs 21 people, none of who were injured in the fire, which seems almost miraculous considering the footage we’ve seen. Another piece of good news, no customer’s cars were involved in the blaze. There were no indications of foul play involved, so no one is trying to cause damage or injury to the facility or its workers on purpose.  They still have another facility too, about 15 minutes away, at their original location where they live, their personal car collection is, and where most of the high-end build stuff happens.

Now the bad. There was significant property damage, and they will stay closed until further notice. We’re not sure what other damage is involved, but being a motorsports shop, you can bet it was more than a few bricks.

Their attitude and spirits about it are very strong, they have stated that they are going to clean up and rebuild, and move forward. What we want you guys to do is give a little thought into driving in to help the cleanup if you’re in the area, or willing to travel to Easley, SC and help out with the cleanup efforts. If you’re not sure how you can help, we will gladly pass the message along to their team for more information.

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