Hawks Motorsports Releases Fiberglass “Super Duty” Hood for 1982-1992 Pontiac Firebird

If you’re a third-ben Firebird, Formula or Trans Am owner looking for something a little different for your ride, Hawks Motorsports has you covered. Just recently, they’ve announced their brand new Super Duty fiberglass hood for all 1982-92 Pontiac Firebirds. Designed to be a lightweight, direct-fit and aesthetically different option for those looking for something unique for their Firebird.

The scoop is similar to the one used on the ’96-02 Camaro SS, just in a taller form, for unique styling purposes and additional hood clearance for those running a tall intake manifold or a Roots-type blower setup. The name, “Super Duty,” is a nod to the Super Duty 455 Firebirds of 1973-74. Additional information below.

Official Release:


Firebird New 82-92 “Super Duty” Hood is fiberglass. It is gelcoat and ready to be fitted, finish sanded, primed and painted. The rear cowl area is about 4″ tall, call for more information and shipping quotes (1-864-855-2694)!! Please note: all aftermarket hoods are designed and molded to fit cars that have not endured frontal damage at any point. However, these hoods can be adjusted along with other body panels to fit correctly but you may need to adjust fenders or front bumpers to install properly.

NOTE: Hood comes with a screen but the hole is not cut out, this can be done by using a Dremel tool.


  • Made in USA
  • Fits all ’82-92 Firebirds
  • Lightweight, fiberglass construction
  • Allows for Roots-type blower fitment
  • Arrives at your door ready for fitment, finish sanded, primed and painted

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