Hawks 1998-2002 WS6 Airbox Base

With the 4th-Generation F-bodies creeping up in age,  many owners are looking to restore their cars to their former glory, while others continue to modify them for more power and performance.

Adding a WS6-style hood to your ’98-’02 Firebird or Trans Am is just as popular now as it was back in the day, and that’s just one reason why Hawks Third-Generation has recreated the taller, airbox specifically designed for the LS1-style Firebirds with the Ram Air WS6 package, or for those who added the hood later to their standard car. Hawks sent us the official pricing on this part in official release below!

Official Release:

Hawks Third Generation is proud to offer 98-2002 Trans Am WS6 Ram Air Lower Air Intake Box BaseHAWKS AIR BOX

We are happy to announce the release of the 1998-2002 Trans Am WS6 Ram Air Lower Air Intake Box Base. This is a new reproduction ram air base that came on the 98-02 Trans Am Ram Air models and can only be used with the ram air style hood, made to the OEM specs! It comes complete, as shown, with new air box latches as well.

NOTE: This air box is over 1″ taller than the factory stock LS1 non Ram Air box base. You will see better air flow and more HP.

Part # HT12455209 – 1998-2002 Trans Am WS6 Ram Air Lower Air

Intake Box Base Retail: $159.00


  • Affordably priced
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased induction flow and more horsepower
  • Perfect replacement for your missing or broken OEM airbox

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