GBodyParts Developing New 1986-1987 GN and T-Type Air Dam Set


It’s not easy being a Buick gearhead, parts are limited and there aren’t a lot of companies out there jumping to cater to our demand. A few companies do embrace the Buick owners, like our good friends over GBodyParts. They are always developing new parts to add to their catalog, like these air dams. When they become available, they will fit 1986-1986 Buick GN and T-Type models. While still currently in development, we had to share them so you can start planning to grab them up as soon as they go into production.

These air dams are made to fit 1986 and 1987 Buick Grand National, Turbo Regal, and ’87 GNX. The prototypes are shown as a set, and they might be available individually once they are listed in the store — either way, you’ll need one per side. These are also called deflector by GM, so if that’s the part you’re looking for, that’s what these are.

The GBodyParts store is a great place to pick up parts for your G-Body. We’ve found some great deals on parts we’ve needed for our projects here at GM EFI, as well as some of the harder to find Buick parts. They’re also a GM EFI sponsor, and we’re proud to back their products and pass along news of upcoming parts to our readers before anyone else gets a chance to check them out.

Judging by reaction from the Buick community already, the initial run could sell air-dam-2out pretty quickly, so don’t miss out on getting your set. If you’re looking for air dams for your 1986-1987 T-Type or GN, we can assure you that these will definitely be worth the wait.

When they do become officially available for sale, we’ll share the official release here right away. Make sure to check back with us for more updates on these, as well as other GBodyParts store parts.


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