Modern Muscle Barn Find: Forgotten C6Z Turns Up in Georgia

A story coming out of Georgia has silenced our snickering over shows like Storage Wars with people bidding up on lamps, and losing it over dusty desks. One bidder on an abandoned storage unit hit the jackpot of a lifetime when there was a low-mileage Chevy Corvette Z06 inside, and he’s thrown it up on eBay to make some money off it. This car has to have a pretty bizarre story behind it because it only has 720 miles on the clock, and it’s never been registered. So in turn, if you ended up buying it from the seller, you would be the first owner of a 2009 C6Z, in the year 2018.

We know what you’re thinking, this car has to be a stolen and dumped car, right? Its VIN actually comes back as clean, even though there’s no paperwork with the car. The seller could obtain paperwork, but that would mean they would have to register the car to get the title, and it seems like they’re more interested in money than piecing together the lonely life of this car.

The ad is claiming that this is the lowest mileage C6 Corvette Z06 in the country, but that’s probably not exactly the case. There’s likely some under-10 miles driven C6Zs out there, never underestimate a car collector who’s thinking well into the future when they buy a new car.

It’s not all good news for this low mileage C6Z though. It is, in all sense of the word, abandoned, and no maintenance or care has gone into it for a very long time. There are scratches on the paint, and something about this car doesn’t scream ‘almost new’ anyways. The engine is probably dying for a refresh, and then there’s that whole issue of the mystery behind the car. Who knows what this machine went through, or why it was in hiding.

Someone is taking this car home though, at the time of this post, there is a little over six-hours left on the listing, and it’s nearing $60k, which seems steep for a car with no title. The bid history on the auction itself is a little fishy too, with a lot of zero feedback usernames, which sometimes happens to drive the price up artificially. Would you roll the dice on this car?

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