Forgeline and Speedtech Turn an Injured T-Type into a Pro-Touring Powerhouse


It’s no secret that we love Turbo Buicks around here. From their easily-modifiable turbocharged V6, to their visible classic musclecar roots, there’s something undeniably cool about the collectible ’80s G-body.

Over the years, we’ve seen them built into just about everything; from some of the quickest bracket racers to the stealthiest of street cars. With the latest trend putting an emphasis on handling, braking, and the overall driving experience, we’re beginning to see more and more Turbo Buicks (and G-bodies, overall), on the autocross courses of America.A perfect example is this ’86 Regal T-Type that we see here. Starting out in life as a LC2-powered turbocharged V6 sleeper (basically a Grand National in old man’s clothes), the T-Type lived an eventful life with a previous owner until the original powerplant let go.

Looking to bring thing into the 21st century, the new owner, simply known as Frankie, decided to instill the aging G-body with an LSX 454 powerplant! Also getting its walking papers, the 200-4R automatic gearbox, it was replaced by the venerable T-56 manual gear selector for quick-shifting duties. The reason? Frankie is a bit of a pro-touring fan, having dreaming of building an example from a G-car since he was a kid, reportedly.


The Buick rides on a version of these Forgeline RB3C wheels – which look perfect as a modern-day replacement for the OEM T-Type rollers!

Knowing full-well that the OEM wheels, tires, brakes and suspension components have their limitations – even for a stock Turbo Buick – Frankie rang up our friends at Speedtech Performance, where they updated the car with their “Track Time” suspension. The kit includes, all new front and rear control arms, coilovers all around, larger diameter sway bars and they even installed a fresh Ford 9-inch axle.

The stock brakes were ditched in favor of Speedtech/Baer 6-piston brakes at all four corners, shielded by a quadrant of 18×9 & 18×9.5 Forgeline RB3C wheels finished with titanium centers and brushed outers.

Falken Azenis RT615K tires (275/35R18 front and 295/40R18 rear) wrap the massive, functional and very attractive Forgeline, as well as improving grip substantially over anything that was offered from a street tire in 1986. The overall package looks fantastic and provides a perfect balance of blending classic ’80s style (odd reading that, isn’t it?) and modern functionality.


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