Floridian Z/28 Bites the Dust


The 5th-gen Z/28 Camaro is one well-craved piece of machinery, there’s no doubt about it. When the car was first released over a year ago, we had the chance to sit behind the wheel of one – and immediately realized that its potential on and off the circuit was undeniable. We also learned that the 505 hp Zeta car was a dry weather racer, with a bit of streetablility thrown in.

It’s not to say that it isn’t street legal or that you shouldn’t drive one 0n the road, but if you do, we would recommend to keep it out of the rain and to avoid overdriving the car. Unfortunately, the 505 horsepower level and having one of the fastest track cars ever produced can get to some of our heads, and the beast can easily get away from us if we’re not careful.

According to a report from Camaro News, that’s exactly what happened in Winter Haven, Florida just last week. Two individuals were involved in a single car accident, involving a Z/28 and an oak tree. The two had to be pulled from the car with the Jaws of Life, through the roof. As a result, the car is totaled although both individuals, thankfully, have survived with minimal injuries.

Whether you own a Z/28 or not, it’s always best to keep your performance driving at the track. Not only is it a controlled environment, but you run less of a risk to injure yourself or somebody else. It just isn’t worth it.

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