eBay Find of the Day: McNord Widebody 1999 Camaro Z28  

Camaro Widebody

We had to revive the eBay Find of the Day for this beast. This is the McNord widebody Camaro that has had forums and show-goers worked up for so many years. Buying it is almost like having a celebrity to come live with you, and stay in your garage…

*A note to human celebrities, we promise we wouldn’t make you sleep in the garage if you came to visit GM-EFI (unless you just really wanted to).

Anyway, this car is being sold as a roller with an included LS1 engine with harness, and T-56 transmission to drop in. So it’s like a really fun, really fast set of legos that needs to be snapped together.

It needs a little more work in addition to the engine and transmission drop in. Small things like ignition coils and A/C components need to be attached. It also comes with a gearhead’s Christmas list of parts not installed, including:

  • Subframe connectors
  • UMI adjustable torque arm
  • Driveshaft loop
  • Aluminum driveshaft
  • PaceSetter headers
  • 3” TSP true duals with X
  • Slotted and vented rotors
  • Racing power steering pump and gearbox

This show winning Camaro is a one of a kind that many have asked McNord to replicate. It’s been featured in pretty much every GM, Chevy, and performance rag around.

The bodywork and wheels alone are almost worth as much as the $20,000 Buy It Now price. Then throw in the LS1, T-56, and over 10 grand suspension and brakes and you’ve got a very pricey car up for grabs that someone needs to part with in a hurry (do we smell a deal?).

The current setup allows for both daily driving AND autocross. It was slated to get a blown LS3, but the motor swap was halted due to a family emergency. As the ad mentions:

“Someone is getting a helluva deal as this car has to be sold and it’s getting listed at no reserve!”

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