Duttweiler-Built 1300 HP GN Hits Mecum Denver


Wow, now here’s a piece of Turbo Buick history! Up for grabs this weekend at Mecum Auctions in Denver is this awesome 1987 Buick Grand National race car built by the one and only Kenny Duttweiler. Mr Duttweiler has been known to lend his expertise to many a Turbo Regal over the last few decades, with this car being one of them!

Stuffed with a 209 cubic inch Duttweiler built and tuned V6 powerplant, of course, this little rocket is cranking out nearly 1300 horsepower Turbo Buick goodness. Not only that, but it holds title to the quickest and fastest NHRA Super Stocker in the world, clicking off a 7.98 at 167.4 MPH back in 2003.

Going a little further back in time, and its revealed that it was the class winner of the 2000 and 2004 Indianapolis US Nationals and still currently holds the NHRA record that was set on April 14, 2004 with a best of 7.81 at 178.94 MPH. It was also the first and only super stocker to ever run in the 7’s in the quarter-mile and has ten additional National event class wins in its victory file.

According to the listing on the Mecum website, it “cannot be registered by a Colorado resident who lives in an area that requires an emissions test,” like California, for instance. However, we figure a collectible car like this would most likely wind up in a car buff’s collection, anyway, rather than a dragstrip, sadly.

We can’t properly speculate what this car will go for on the block, but with the prices of Grand Nationals getting higher, and the remaining amount of them in the world still getting lower, we can only imagine what a piece of history like this will bring at Mecum Auction this weekend!


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