DiabloSport Releases Tuners for 2014-15 4.3L V6 Truck

DiabloSport V6 Silverado-2

General Motors has been keeping themselves busy launching new powertrains that are more fuel efficient, powerful and and eco-friendly. With the ever-more-restrictive emissions and fuel consumption requirements trickily down from Big Brother, they have to do what’s necessary to remain viable in an ever changing environment.

The perfect case in point is their relatively new LV3 4.3L V6 found in their latest full-size trucks. Often confused as an updated version of the similarly-displaced truck V6s of earlier years, or simply a “V6-based LS,” it’s actually something a bit more than that.

The truth of the matter is that it’s essentially a GEN-V LT1, complete with mouth-water tech such as VVT and direct-injection, minus two cylinders. With enthusiasts already clamoring over them, it only makes sense that companies like our friends at DiabloSport have released tuning software just for them!

Official Release:

For Immediate Release: DiabloSport Tuners out now for ’14-’15 4.3L GM Trucks

Delray Beach, FL: The DiabloSport inTune and Trinity performance programmers are out now for 4.3L V6 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra and they can overhaul your truck’s drivability in just a few minutes. All you have to do is plug into the OBD-II port (located under the dash) and you can add horsepower and torque without even popping the hood!

DiabloSport made several dyno pulls on their 4.3L Silverado development vehicle to ensure the highest possible power gains. Running 93 octane gasoline, they saw peak gains of 10 Rear Wheel horsepower, and 14 Ft.Lbs of torque (20 Ft.Lbs at low RPM). They went on to optimize drivability by enhancing throttle response, cleaning up transmission shifting, and amplifying the factory tow/haul mode.

DiabloSport V6 Silverado-1

Many 4.3L Silverado and Sierra trucks have a factory equipped “Flex Fuel” option, which means they can run any blend of fuel from E85 to regular 87 octane gasoline, and DiabloSport’s calibrations department developed tunes that maximize performance regardless of what mix of fuel you are running. They filled up the truck’s gas tank with E85 and got a huge performance boost over stock: 20 horsepower and 24 Ft-Lbs of torque!

Other adjustable options available in their inTune and Trinity programmers include: gear ratio, tire size, fueling, timing, idle RPM, rev limiter, and the speed limiter. They even support CMR custom tuning that can calibrate your truck for more aggressive aftermarket performance modifications. With their tunes and adjustable options at your fingertips you can take full control of your truck like never before!


  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Improves towing capabilities
  • Crisper shifts from the gearbox
  • Compatible with E85 fuel and allows adjustments for gear ratio, tire size, fueling, timing, idle RPM, rev limiter, and the speed limiter
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