Dakota Digital Releases BIM Series Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Dakota Digital has been offering muscle car owners and those with older vehicles with modern drivetrains solutions for ill-equipped gauge displays, for years. Because more often than not, you’re running a car that has a gauge cluster that provides little to no information. Dakota Digital has changed all of that, but as technology advances, more features and option become available.

In its latest incarnation, Dakota Digital has just announced the ability to monitor your tire pressure — right on your gauge display — just as you would in a modern production car. This is music to the ears to those who have already updated the gauges of their vehicle, with the Dakota BIM Series cluster.

Official Release:


Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the BIM Series of tire pressure monitoring systems, for display within the HDX Series of Instrument Systems!

The BIM-22-2 includes four wireless valve stem Schrader sensors and receiver module, plugging directly into the HDX Series of Dakota Digital Instrumentation.  Utilizing the programmable message center of the HDX Series, this information can be viewed on demand, right in front of the driver!

The BIM-22-2 has an MSRP of $399.95 and carries a complete 24-month warranty.

More information can be obtained by calling (800)852-3228, or visiting !


  • Includes four wireless valve stem Schrader sensors and receiver module
  • This information can be viewed on demand, right in front of the driver
  • Carries a complete 24-month warranty

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