Corvette Transporter Involved In Alabama Wreck

Corvette lovers, turn away now! A transporter carrying a load of 2017 Chevy Corvettes was involved in an accident with a dump truck in central Alabama today. While (thankfully) there were no human injuries, there were several cars that fell victim to the collision.

According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Facebook page, sometime around noon CST on Thursday Feb. 17th, a wreck occurred in Chilton County, Alabama between the two trucks, with no injuries. If you’re familiar with the area, it happened at the 199 mile marker on Interstate 65 south — or about 350 miles from the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, KY.

The short Facebook post provides no information on the cause of the accident, but it looks like a lane change gone wrong to me. Either the dump truck got over behind the transporter with too little space, or the transporter got over on top of the dump truck — speculating any further on blame seems a little risky.

There are at least three Corvettes with damage in the pictures, but there could be more damaged ones that we can’t see. While I would love to make a colorful scratch and dent sale joke right about now, the reality is that these cars are probably going to be headed to the crusher when it’s all said and done. Most manufacturers and dealers won’t bother with a brand new damaged car, not when insurance covers the cost if they just total it out. So it’s pretty sad if you think about it. We’ll just imagine that they were taken to a big Corvette farm upstate and not dwell on it too long.

Even though the cars are probably going to end up in the great racetrack in the sky, they held their own against the dump truck’s trailer, especially considering the size of the hole in the metal of the garbage truck. It’s obvious that the two at the end were snagged by the truck, and the top car probably put that massive hole in the truck’s trailer. All things considered, it could have been way worse!

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