Classic and Modern Corvette Duo Up For Grabs Through Dream Giveaway

Just when you think Dream Giveaway has come up with the coolest raffles already, they go and one-up themselves by offering something even more incredible than before. This gives people a chance to own cars that most people couldn’t ever buy, and those that aren’t even available for most people to own. Their newest giveaway is a perfect example of both of these factors, they are going to be giving away a set of stunning and powerful Chevy Corvettes that anyone in their right mind would clear out their garage to bring them home.

Both of these machines have been built by Lingenfelter, one model is a 1965 Sting Ray and the other is a 2018 Grand Sport. These cars represent the best of the classic era and modern performance car days. These are two of the most eye popping Corvettes we’ve ever seen, and to sweeten the prize, the team is also chipping in $50,000 to cover the taxes for the winner. For as little as $3, you could own them both, but keep reading for a special code that adds bonus tickets at checkout, exclusive to our readers.

The beautifully restored 1965 Corvette Sting Ray has something a little different about it as it is powered by a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering built, fuel-injected LS3 engine. It has nice wide wheels and big brakes, and has all the advancements of a modern Corvette that means you get the performance and safety of today’s cars, in one of the most iconic year models of all time.

Because two is better than one, a 2018 Corvette Grand Sport will join the 1965 in this raffle. It also combines power and looks as it comes with all of the amazing technology that comes standard on the Grand Sports from GM that has earned the Grand Sport the title of being the “Gentlemen’s Z06”. In addition to the natural charm and high end features of the Grand Sport, Lingenfelter has equipped the engine with a set of ported heads, an ultra-performance cam, and their signature tuning.

To thank our readers, use this special code at checkout to add tickets to your purchase: GJ0318C

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