COMP Cams Announces a Brand New Line of LS-Series Camshafts

The GM LT, Ford Coyote and modern Chrylser Hemi engines have been all of the rage lately, but thee’s no denying the immense following that is the GM LS series. For over the last 25 years, the LS has simply been dominating the conversation among most gear heads the world over. New products are continuously being developed, and our friends at COMP Cams are no exception.

They’ve recently announced their line of brand new LS camshafts, dubbed, the HV Series. These are intended for 4.8L, 5.3L and 6.0L LS-based V8 engines for late-model GM trucks. More details below.

Official Release:

COMP Cams® HV Series Cams for Gen III/Gen IV GM LS-Powered Vehicles

Olive Branch, MS – COMP Cams® introduces a new line of HV cams designed for the Gen III/Gen IV GM LS-powered full-size vehicle market.

Engineered for GM 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L LS-powered vehicles, COMP Cams® HV cams provide amazing drivability and throttle response with minimal tuning required. Increased torque across the entire operating range can be expected while still making impressive horsepower at peak RPM. With the daily driver truck, SUV, or 4×4 in mind, these cams retain excellent street manners. The HP Series cams provide a deep rumble with a mild, yet noticeable, lope.

Though a “no springs required” option is available, each HV Series cam benefits when paired with COMP Cams® BeehiveTM #26906 Valve Springs. A Gen IV 5.3L engine can gain between 69 to 94 horsepower while picking up anywhere from 29 to 34 lb-ft of torque depending on cam choice. All HV Series cams are compatible with stock torque converters, so no additional upgrades are needed.


  • Great street manners for daily drivers
  • Excellent throttle response and drivability
  • Minimal tuning required
  • Torque increase across entire operating range
  • Available for GM LS-powered 4.8/5.3/6.0L
  • NSR version available or upgrade to #26906
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