Coker Tire Offers New M&H Racemaster Slicks for Modern Muscle Cars

Modern muscle cars are great for just about anything; the daily grind, blasting through the corners, running errands and surprising some of the old guys who still can’t wrap their heads around fuel injection. The downside? Not much, although most modern muscle cars tend to have larger brakes, and as a reset, larger-diameter rolling stock.

Looking at some of the latest offerings from GM, such as the CTS-Vs, ZL1 Camaros, Z06 Corvettes and the like, basically the smallest wheels you can fit on the latest examples tend to be of 17-inch variety.

If you you have your sights set on the drag strip, then you may have noticed that tire choices are pretty much limited to drag radials, and switching to slicks require moving down to a 15-inch wheel — which isn’t possible with the aforementioned vehicles. Until now.

Thanks to M&H Racemaster, you can now squeeze on a 17-inch slick on the back of your late model muscle car — which is even perfect for those 4th-gen F-body or C5 racers on a budget, who want to utilize their stock 17- or 18-inch wheel. Learn more in the official release from Coker Tire below!

Official Release:

Coker Tire Offers A New M&H Slicks for Modern Muscle Cars

Chattanooga, TN – With very deep roots in drag racing, M&H Racemaster has been a well-known name among racers for many years. What started as a small business, turned into a booming industry of purpose-built race tires, and M&H continues to develop new products on a regular basis, offering their products through vendors such as Coker Tire Company. The newest in the line of M&H Racemaster slicks is a size that is yet to be developed by any drag racing tire manufacturer. The 10.5/28.0-17 and 10.5/28.0-18 are the first of their kind, offering popular sizing for 17- and 18-inch wheel fitment.

Many modern muscle cars feature large diameter brakes, which require 17-inch or larger wheels. This has presented a problem for quite some time, when it comes to choosing race tires, but the new M&H slick for 17- and 18-inch wheels is a huge step in the right direction for high tech gear heads. The M&H 10.5/28.0-17 and 10.5/28.0-18 tires are a breakthrough for modern Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Challenger, Charger, Viper and much more! All previous slick designs for large diameter wheels featured a short sidewall, and the new 10.5/28’s offer plenty of tread width and sidewall for the ultimate bite.

M&H already makes DOT-approved drag radial tires for large-diameter wheels, but this is the newest product to offer fitments for modern muscle cars. It features the HB11 compound, which makes for great traction at the drag strip, while the flexible sidewall wrinkles and flexes for even more initial traction. Coker Tire offers these new M&H slicks, in addition to its massive inventory of performance tires, which includes matching front runner tires for 17- and 18-inch wheels, available in both bias ply and radial construction.

If you’re in the market for either of the new M&H slicks, or any of the M&H Racemaster tires, give Coker Tire a call toll free at 866-513-2743. You can also check out the new tires online and browse our other sizes at


  • Available in 17- and 18-inch diameter
  • HB11 compound for greater traction at the dragstrip
  • Flexible sidewall wrinkles and flexes for even more initial traction
  • Matching front skinnies also available in both bias ply and radial construction

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