Chevy Reveals New Silverado, The Internet Explodes

Chevy Reveals New Silverado, and the Internet Explodes

Chevrolet staged a huge, larger than life introduction of the 2019 Silverado LT Trailboss in Texas on Saturday. In true Texas style, they lowered the Silverado onto the Texas Motor Speedway via helicopter during an event for hundreds of Silverado owners to celebrate 100 years of the Silverado. This truck will be part of one of eight other planned Silverado models.

One friendly internet user described the new Silverado as a “Bas**** child between a Toyota Tundra, and a F150.”, and honestly, that was the general feedback from the people who just weren’t feeling it. Others were going as far as to call it “Shameful” to the Silverado legacy.

On the other hand, people who weren’t looking for reasons to hate the Silverado gave it major props for the work GM put into it. They seem to appreciate the fact that the Silverado isn’t all-aluminum, but has improved materials and aerodynamics.

What We Love:

That General Motors is moving towards the use of lighter-weight construction overall. They are expected to give the truck a 10-speed automatic transmission, which is badly needed in their truck lineup. They’ve also improved the aerodynamics, which will improve performance and fuel economy.

Not many other details of the powertrain were reviled, but GM is promising more selection, and more use of technology.

What We Hate:

It wasn’t love at first sight. However, it was instantly recognizable as a Silverado. Amongst our team, we’ve owned nearly every year model Silverado since 2001, and it seemed like a natural evolution of the model, although we know change is always hard to adapt to, especially if it seems familiar to a competing brand. At the end of the day, it wasn’t a forced change, it feels like a natural progression of the design.

What We Hope:

We hope you give it a chance because there’s a lot more to love about the truck than to dislike. It’s also likely that it looks way more like a Silverado in person than it does in the pictures. GM will be revealing the Sierra soon, which could be more suited for the tastes of people not feeling the new Silverado’s looks.

GM is expected to release full specifications on the models at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

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