Chevy Resurrects Iconic Blazer Nameplate for 2019 Model

After a break since 2005, GM is bringing back the Blazer name for a 2019 Chevy Blazer SUV, but it doesn’t look much like its predecessor. The new SUV will be made in Mexico and is a part of GM’s new initiative to focus on SUVs and trucks. In its new configuration, the 2019 Chevy Blazer will step in for the brand’s missing mid-size SUV with two row seating. This will place the new Blazer in direct competition with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Edge, and Nissan Murano.

Back during the original Chevy Blazer’s run from 1982 through 2005, the term ‘crossover’ hadn’t exactly picked up, which is where the Blazer appears to fit in the best. It has a lot of features that look like they belong on a car, with the larger stature that allows for more seating and cargo capacity.

The unveiling happened yesterday in Atlanta and it seems like a pretty bold move on Chevy’s part to bring back such a popular nameplate so many years later. There are still many Blazers being driven on the road from the SUV’s heyday. On its best-selling year in 1996 alone, 246,000 drivers bought a Chevy Blazer.

As for this new Blazer, that looks like a Camaro from the front, it sits pretty low to the ground and has a low angled front windshield, so it’s a pretty sporty SUV/crossover, in looks at least. It will come standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that will make 193-horsepower, but you can opt for the V6 3.6-liter version that makes 305-horsepower. Fingers crossed that they come out with some kind of special edition that packs a bigger powertrain punch — it’s a shame to look so much like the Camaro without the getup and go to back up the appearance.

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