Chevrolet Performance Unleashes CNC-Ported LS9 Heads

LS9Making power from an the modern LS powerplant has never been easier, thanks to Chevrolet Performance‘s new CNC-ported LS9 cylinder head. Recently, our friends at Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center gave us the heads up on these new castings and we can’t wait to get our hands on a set. Learn all of the juicy details below!

Official Release:

Chevrolet Performance CNC-Ported LS9 Cylinder Heads

Exceptional airflow characteristics are what give the LS engine family its tremendous performance capability, enabling power levels for street engines that were virtually unattainable in previous-generation Small-Block engines.

Chevrolet Performance’s all-new LS9 CNC-ported cylinder head assembly – P/N 19328743 – represents a new benchmark in factory-engineering high- performance, with the strength and durability of the production LS9 cylinder head casting and the airflow enhancements of precision CNC porting. The result is a head that flows about 10 percent more than the production casting, while delivering the greater strength built into the LS9 casting.

The LS9, of course, was the supercharged engine in the C6 Corvette ZR1. To support the higher combustion pressure and temperature that come with forced induction, the heads were produced with a unique Roto-cast method in super-strong A356T6 aluminum alloy. With the Roto-cast method, the mold rotates to more evenly distribute the molten alloy, creating a denser head casting that virtually eliminates porosity. And compared to the similar LS3 head, the LS9 features reinforced webbing and a thicker deck for greater rigidity and minimal distortion. The A356T6 alloy also manages the higher heat of a forced engine more effectively.

In short, Chevrolet Performance’s LS9 CNC-ported head assembly is the ultimate production-based

solution for supercharged and turbocharged combinations. Each comes fully assembled with production, lightweight titanium intake valves and sodium-filled exhaust valves, as well as strong beehive-type valve springs that can handle up to .570″ lift. Importantly, they can be installed on any LS engine with at least a 4.000″ bore using standard 11mm head bolts.

Our new LS9 CNC-ported head represents the pinnacle of Chevrolet Performance’s tiered approached to affordable, factory-engineered cylinder head options for LS engine builders. It starts with our production- based head assemblies such as the LS3 head
(P/N 12629063), which deliver great performance out of the box and make excellent retro-fit solutions for many engine combinations. Our CNC-ported LS3 head (P/N 88958758) takes production performance higher with enhanced airflow capability that not only delivers a performance advantage singularly, but optimizes the gains offered with additional modifications such as a “hotter” camshaft.

The LS9 CNC-ported head is the ultimate choice when your production engine-based performance needs to include a blower or turbo. We are able to offer it – and other cylinder heads – at a surprising value, so go to and find a retailer near you for the latest pricing.

When it comes to affordable performance cylinder heads, you have options with Chevrolet Performance!

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