Check Out The All New BTR Trunnion Kit V2

Stock LS rocker arms tend to work just fine in stock engines, but when they are subjected to high lift cam profiles and aftermarket valve springs, they don’t always perform very well. The increased pressure has revealed that the stock needle bearing cages are too weak for performance and racing applications, and will fail in high stress situations.

The best way to prevent the failures from the stock rocker arm needle bearings is to upgrade with high strength trunnions to replace the stock pieces — giving you added street and security to LS engines.

New from Brian Tooley Racing, the Trunnion Kit V2 has been improved with pre-installed inner race bearings, and are ready to stand up to the harshest racing environments. This means no more risk of catastrophic engine failure due to the loose of a stock rocker arm needle bearing when you smash that gas pedal.

Official Release:

New and Improved Trunnion Kit V2 from BTR

The all new Trunnion Kit V2 features a Trunnion with pre-installed inner race bearings. The V1 kits have stood up to an enormous amount of abuse, but we decided to upgrade them to a pressed inner race comprised of 52100 Heat Treated Bearing Steel, over the more commonly used 8620 Carburized Steel found in our V1 kits and many OEM applications. Additionally, these feature a self oiling axle with priority feeding to the Trunnion itself.

Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents catastrophic engine failure due to lose of stock rock arm needle bearing
  • Best for heavier than stock valve springs and aftermarket camshafts
  • Provides more stability for your modified LS engine
  • New V2 kits have trunnions with pre-installed inner race bearings
  • Completely eliminate the needle bearings for a maximum piece of mind
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