Centerforce Launches DYAD RS Twin Performance Multi-Disc Clutch


Late-model LS-powered vehicles, especially those that have been swapped, are all the rage these days so it should come to no surprise to some of you who have made the switch to the alloy mill that the aftermarket is ready, willing and able to supply you with the upgrades. Because nine-times-out-of-ten, whenever we swap the powerplant, we typically slide a T-56 or TR-6060 behind it!

Recently, our friends at Centerforce have announced their latest version of their DYAD RS Multi-Disc clutch. Featuring some of the latest clutch technology available, this is definitely one you’ll want to consider!

Official Release:

This lightweight, 8¾-inch clutch is engineered for street-driven track competitors; first application is for 6-bolt Chevy LS engines. 

Prescott, Ariz. – Centerforce, one of the world’s leading aftermarket clutch manufacturers, is always on the hunt for ways to innovate and improve upon clutch technology. Its DYAD DS multi-disc clutch line proved that more than 1,300 lb-ft of torque could be transmitted to the transmission without sacrificing pedal feel or drivability on the street.

Now, Centerforce steps up the game again with the introduction of the new DYAD RS Twin. It shares much of the same multi-disc technology with the existing DYAD line, but incorporates a host of weight-savings measures: namely a gold-anodized billet aluminum pressure plate in place of the standard stamped-steel unit and a low-inertia flywheel that’s significantly lighter than stock. Less weight translates to faster acceleration. Best of all, the lightweight system is engineered to hold more than 800 lb-ft of torque.

The DYAD RS Twin uses the same floating-drive multi-disc technology that is employed in the standard DYAD DS. A sprung-hub clutch drive disc turns the floating clutch disc. A billet floater plate between the clutch discs uses spring-loaded bushings to help absorb geartrain chatter. Pedal feel remains easy to modulate with stock-like effort. Patented Centerforce technologies included in the DYAD RS system are ball bearings in the pressure plate and the signature centrifugal weight system. The clutch kit is precision-balanced at Centerforce’s Arizona manufacturing facility.

The DYAD RS kit is shipped complete and ready to install. Included in the box are the pressure plate, floating disc, floater, drive disc, flywheel, ARP hardware and an alignment tool. Each DYAD also includes a data sheet for that specific clutch kit, detailing specifications and testing numbers.

The first DYAD RS Twin application (Centerforce Part No. 08262842) is for 6-bolt crankshaft GM LS engines, including the Gen V 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the 6.2L LS3 engine. It is also a direct bolt-in when mating a T56 6-speed to an LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 or LS7. The DYAD RS Twin is designed to handle most track demands without sacrificing day-to-day drivability.


  • Now available for GM LS engines
  • Stock-like pedal feel
  • Utilizes many weight-saving components
  • Billet floater plate between the clutch discs uses spring-loaded bushings to help absorb geartrain chatter
  • Pressure plate, floating disc, floater, drive disc, flywheel, ARP hardware and an alignment tool are included
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