Camaro Six Sneak Peeks Are All In


Chevrolet has been sending sneak peeks of the 2016 Camaro our way for several weeks, sparingly, and our anticipation has pretty much reached its limit. For those living on the moon for the last several months, the 5th-gen Camaro bows out after the 2015 model year, and is replaced with an entirely new car.

Despite what you may have seen or heard, “Camaro Six” is a totally fresh design, but one with evolutionary rather than revolutionary aesthetics. Inside and and out, top to bottom there’s nothing carried over in terms of styling or structure from the current car. Even the old Zeta platform has been ditched for the lighter, smaller and more nimble Alpha chassis borrowed from the ATS.

Rumored to have dropped two-hundred pounds off of the Super Sport V8 model and as much as three-hundred pounds off of the base V6, it looks that the new Camaro is going to be a grand slam. Word from the rumor mill (including from those inside and outside of GM), claim that the 2016 Camaro will be better in virtually every way, offering the driver a much more exhilarating experience from behind the wheel – or inside the cockpit, depending on your style of driving.


Like we’ve mentioned in earlier stories, the LT1 is the new weapon of choice, being offered across the SS range with the L99 bowing out along with the much-loved (and respected) LS3. Transmission offering details are still hazy but we’re expecting the Corvette’s A8 and M7 gearboxes – at least at some point during the car’s life cycle, if not at launch.

While those of you may still confuse this car as nothing more than an “updated 5th-gen,” don’t. Because frankly, it simply isn’t. It’s something a whole heckuva’ lot more! Chevrolet will be pulling the cover off of the car later this week in Detroit, to over 1,000 Camaro fans and a huge parade lap of almost as many Camaros of all vintages – should be fun!


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