Camaro 1LE vs. Shelby GT350


Well this one is inevitable, isn’t it? With the recent announcement of the Camaro 1LE last week, speculation has already commenced on how it will compare to the recently released Shelby GT350 Mustang. The Camaro vs. Mustang battle has been going full steam since the Camaro’s release in the Fall of ’66, and guess what kids? It’s not going to end anytime soon.

After Ford had released the GT350, a naturally aspirated 5.2L track star that’s taking full advantage of its new design, upgraded IRS-based suspension, steering and upgraded brakes, the obvious response from General Motors was to bring out the next-generation 1LE for 2017. While the V6 version will suite a specific need for those quite happy with the output and overall package of that car, the 455 hp LT1-equipped 1LE will definitely be needed to take on the 526 hp cammer Ford. However, recent tests have shown that the Camaro SS was fairly capable of hanging with the GT350, so despite the obvious deficit in horsepower, the 1LE should be quite comparable.

SHELBYGT350In fact, Camaro’s Chief Engineer was recently quoted as saying, “That’s obviously our intent [in regards to beating the GT350 around a racetrack]. I have the answer, but I’ll let the rest of you decide how we did. Our goal is to up the game with our competitor, just like they upped the game with the GT350. Everyone had to expect we would punch back. I will tell you this car is three seconds faster than the previous 1LE. Your readers can go out and make their own conclusions.”

…and there it is. This car is going to be simply amazing, and when it does hit the streets, you can bet that we’ll be sure to review out for GM EFI Magazine!

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