VIDEO: Callaway Corvette Aerowagen Makes a Pitstop at Jay Leno’s Garage

Back in the 1970s, cars were a little underwhelming in the performance department. Reeves Callaway felt like there was more that could be had from a Corvette when buying one new — so he started beefing them up for customers who wanted something that was reliable and fast off the showroom floor.

Fast forward to the C7 Corvette, and it’s not just the horsepower that’s getting overhauled, it now comes in a controversial Callaway body package. Peter Callaway stops by Jay Leno’s Garage, as well as the man himself, Reeves Callaway, to talk about the 2016 Callaway Corvette Aerowagen.

When it comes to the C7 Corvette treatment, there are two major things going on. First you have the powertrain upgrades that include the Callaway designed supercharger, and then of course the unique body work. The re-do of the rear end and 757 horsepower package has left many people with feelings of confusion — should they hate it for the wagon look, love it for the horsepower, or take it for the unique Corvette it is? Opinions are pretty strongly split on this car.

This Callaway designed package is based on the same idea that the company has always gone with, they wanted to improve power and performance, and make something different. The end result is about 100 more horsepower than a stock Corvette Z06, with more efficient cooling so you can hot lap and expect the same results each time. And as far as the controversial look, there wasn’t much that they wanted to physically change about the C7, stating appreciation for the already stunning car, so they had to go with uniqueness over upgrading.

Everything about the Callaway Corvette looks and acts factory. For many, this is where the real appeal is found. They can have the increased performance and a unique body with factory lines, without the pain of an aftermarket build, plus you get a factory warranty when you buy one.

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