Build Your Own Z/28 – Through Chevrolet Performance!

CPZ28PARTS-4The Camaro Z/28 is already the stuff of legends, and one of the coolest cars you can buy from the GM performance lineup right now. Everyone wants to own one, but not everyone can shell out the dough to buy one — so what’s the alternative? Buying an SS for around $20k less is a very viable option; and you can’t really complain being behind the wheel of a Camaro, Z/28 or otherwise.

But when that’s not enough, you can take it a step further and make your own passible Z/28 replica for quite a bit less, if you’re willing to compromise. Luckily, our friends at Chevrolet Performance has made acquiring Z/28 hardware just a little bit easier thanks to retailers like Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and Pace Performance.

As we all know by now, there are quite a few parts that are unique to the Z/28 that GM isn’t going to give up so easily, like the thinner glass, for instance.  As much as GM supports the buyer with additional performance options, they won’t run the risk of someone building a complete copy, so thee are some limitations as to what you can get your hands on directly from the General.

Of course, some Z/28 left the factory without a radio or A/C, so if those are two compromises you’re willing to live without, you’ll drop an easy 55-pounds from ditching the climate control alone. According to Chevrolet Performance, the weight savings and propriety parts add up to be about 40 seconds faster in Nurburgring lap times over the Camaro SS.

Buying all of the parts you can to get close to having a Z/28 replica is going to cost almost $30k, but you can get pretty close with the appearance options for a little under $1,600. Do you think it’s worth it to make your Camaro closely resemble a Z/28? We do, but that’s just our opinion. Check out the build recipe from Chevrolet Performance below, and remember, these parts are available through participating retailers.


Want to make your own Z/28? Well you’re going to have to start by ditching that six-shooter or LS3/L99 and step up to the high-revving, large displacement 427 cubic-inch 505 hp LS7! Rather awesomely, you can score one over the parts counter through Chevrolet Performance. They’re not cheap, but they’re oh-so-worth-it!

To balance out the breathing, don’t forget to add the Z/28’s factory cold-air induction system, and well as the freer-breathing exhaust manifolds and catback. That’s of course, if you’re into the factory-style exhaust system. Oh, and be sure to back the new powerplant with the the Z/28’s Tremec TR-6060, for increased strength and durability, as well as the rear differential cooler, too!







Appearance and Safety:

The Z/28 isn’t simply an SS with a big hammer under the hood and a higher-than-usual price tag Camaro. It’s the real deal road racer we come to expect from a 21st-century track star built to school those fools from across the pond. But it can’t do it with a traditional IRS rear suspension system, so GM was sure to take the DSSV components from Formula 1 and the $1.7M Aston-Mart One77 supercar to make it grip just a bit better. Throw in some aeros bits for increased downforce, cooling ducts to help cool the massive Brembo, Z/28-secific binders (not available) and the extremely supportive Recaros (ask us how we know) and you’ll have a Camaro on your hands that’s substantially more aggressive than your neighbors. If you’re really in the market for weapons-grade brakes, and want to stick with Chevrolet Performance, you can just as easily order up the ZL1-spec binders through the catalog.





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