Brian Tooley Racing Announces Truck Norris Camshaft

Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) has long become synonymous with LS engines; from camshafts, to valvetrian components, to engine dress up and everything win between, BTR is quickly becoming the go-to for many of your LS speed parts. Over the years, BTR has offered many application specific parts, but their latest is not only very-much needed, bt is labeled something that made us chuckle; The Truck Norris!

Official Release:

The ALL NEW Truck Norris NSR Grind IS HERE!!!


Developed from the tireless hours of research and development poured into the original Truck Norris grind, the BTR R&D lab wanted an option to help ease the pain on your wallet. One by one they knocked down lobe designs and beta grinds to perfect the art that would become the Truck Norris NSR camshaft!


What is an NSR Cam?

NO SPRINGS REQUIRED! Now before you get excited, read & digest the following information:

  • No springs required means NO AFTERMARKET springs needed.
  • This cam works with OEM Gen 3/4 valve springs
  • Look at your odometer, does it show the distance from Earth to the Sun?
  • Double check, is your mileage a 7 digit figure?
  • Do you change your oil with used oil from your buddy Greg’s diesel?
  • Find better friends. Greg should know better.

All of this to say, NSR grinds will only give out what they take in. If you have a crop of components that are tired and weary, don’t expect a cam swap to make them new again. However, if you have a well maintained ride and want the extra choppy chop and power, this grind is for you!!! If you change your oil once every trip around the sun, we suggest getting a complete top end refresh kit from us as well (valve seals, springs, pushrods, lifters, head gaskets, oil pump etc.)

More fine print:

  • Works with oem stall, benefits from higher stall speed. Consult your builder/tuner for direction on this.
  • Makes 429hp on our in house engine dyno. Stock 5.3, E85, TBSS Intake.
  • We have a limited number of these available to start. If you’re on the fence, now is the time!

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