VIDEO: BMR Releases 5th-Gen Camaro Race Suspension Tech Spot

Owners of 5th-gen Camaros know that their cars aren’t exactly the easiest vehicles in the world to launch at the dragstrip. The flimsy IRS and vast vehicle weight make launching a bear, and once they’re making serious power, the potential of hooking is nearly impossible in the stock format. However, thanks to BMR Suspension, there’s a cure.

BMR’s DRP007 Drag Race Suspension Package for 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro is both straight forward, and somewhat involved at the same time. A new video helps to break the kit’s components way down. This is in an effort to make the BMR Drag Racing Suspension Package for 5th-gen Camaros a lot more comprehensive. The kit consists of the parts needs to convert to 16-inch drag wheels. The kit addresses the suspension parts like control arms, trailing arms, upper coil over mount, and the shocks and springs, needed to use the smaller wheel sizes.

BMR also offers a Brake Conversion Kit (BCP001) that will allow you to use 15-inch wheels — when also using the DRP007 kit. This allows for a smaller wheel, thus, a taller profile tire to be mounted onto the big-braked 5th-gen. These race inspired kits make the conversion much simpler, since there’s not many like them out there. This video makes it all much easier to understand, for both people looking to buy, or those who already have the kits. Watch the video above for more information and the official release is below.

Official Release:

BMR Suspension Releases Technical Video for DRP007 Drag Race Suspension Package for 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro – DRP007

BMR Suspension is proud to release its newest technical video. This video showcases BMR’s DRP007 Drag Race Suspension Package for 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro – DRP007. To preview all of BMR’s high-performance suspension parts, please visit


  • Bolt-in construction
  • Capability to convert to 15- or 16-inch rear wheels
  • Makes your 2010-15 Camaro more competitive
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