Baer Brakes’ 6P Pro+ 6-Piston Brakes Are What the Doctor Ordered


While many of us can get caught up in the horsepower output of our project cars, you can never overlook the importance of good braking system. You have to remember, the brakes that were on your car were designed to match the vehicle’s intended purposes and power output. If you own a 1980s smog-era musclecar for instance, there’s no way that your tiny front discs and rear drum brakes are bringing that now 500hp monster to a stop in an acceptable (and safe) timeframe – with functionality comes balance.

There are many options to choose from on the market; from the stock component upgrades (i.e., swapping brakes from newer vehicles onto your older one) to simple bolt-ons like aftermarket rotors and pads. You can also get serious, with something like these 6P Pro+ Six-Piston Forged Calipers from our friends at Baer Brakes.

Official Release:

Baer Inc. 6P Pro+ Six-Piston Forged Caliper Sets the Standard for High-Performance Brake Calipers

Phoenix, AZ – Often imitated, but never matched, the Baer Inc. 6P Pro+ six-piston forged caliper sets the standard for high-performance stopping power and capability. Every aspect of the 6P Pro+ was engineered for unmatched long-lasting, precise performance.

With a two-piece forged aluminum body as its foundation, the 6P Pro+ caliper uses six cross bolts for maximum caliper strength and the absolute minimum amount of deflection to optimize brake performance. And not just any bolts – Baer Inc. uses made-in-the-U.S. Holo-Krome high-strength bolts that hold up over time to the extreme temperatures, as well as the temperature changes, found in calipers used in hard racing and street driving conditions.

Baer Inc. 6P Pro+ calipers use staggered piston sizes that help reduce brake pad wear, and Baer optimizes the piston sizes to fit a variety of high-performance braking applications. All six pistons are made of high-quality stainless steel, along with their corresponding abutments and noise suppression springs. The pistons use a double seal to meet DOT standards, keeping debris at bay to avoid damage.

Baer builds rear application 6P Pro+ calipers with the correct sized pistons and staggered position. Because Baer builds the 6P Pro+ in-house, a customer can have true 6-piston calipers on the front and rear for maximum braking performance, while also having a cosmetic match front to rear. Baer builds rear application 6P Pro+ calipers with the correct sized pistons and staggered position to match the performance of the rear calipers to the front units.

As with all Baer Inc. calipers, the 6P Pro+ can be ordered in standard finishes, as well as a variety of powder coat and anodized colors. Custom CNC logo machining on the caliper face is also available for larger production orders.

Baer 6P Pro+ calipers are available as complete brake systems for a wide variety of classic and modern performance applications.


  • Optimized piston position and size provides maximum braking performance and ability to match front and rear caliper performance
  • Two-piece forged design with six high-strength Holo-Krome alloy cross bolts for maximum caliper rigidity and braking performance
  • Highest-quality materials used for superior performance and reliability
  • Can be custom-ordered with different piston sizes and variety of caliper body colors
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