Automotive Engine Specialties Announces their 390 ci. LS Short Block


photos by: Daean Chase

With Winter halfway over (at least in our minds), many car builders are left out in the cold in regards to who they should let build their short-block for the 2016 racing season. Automotive Engine Specialties (AES), located just outside of the Windy City, has just announced their new 6.0L LS iron, fully-assembled, fully-forged short-block! Packing some of the highest-quality components currently on the market, for a very affordable price, the AES 390 ci. short-block is engineered for forced induction in mind.

AES’s Tony Schroeder has well over thirty years of engine building under his belt, and has went to great lengths to ensure that each and every short-block that he and his company builds is not only up to the task at hand, but assembled with perfect precision for long-lasting durability. They’re reportedly stout enough to handle over 1200 rear wheel horsepower!

Taking a lot of the guesswork out of the equation is a laundry list of hardware that will keep your drag, street or even autocross contender living through competitive racing abuse. AES’s 390ci. LS short-block comes fully assembled and includes the following components:

  • New 6.0 L Iron Block, fully blueprinted
  • AES Performance Series 4340, 390 c.i. crankshaft; balanced and polished
  • Compstar H-Beam Rods
  • Diamond 15cc forced induction pistons designed and manufactured exclusively for AES
  • Heavy wall wrist pins
  • Steel top ring set
  • H-series Bearings

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