Auto Meter Offers Expansion on GPS Speedometers

Auto Meter, a world leader in automotive instruments and test equipment, is excited to announce that they have expanded their line of GPS speedometers. So why a GPS speedometer you ask? They have a ton of features that make them truly worth looking into. Some of the things that make these speedometers so versatile is that they are truly plug and play, and if you’re changing tire and wheel size or even installing gears on your ride there is no need to ever have it calibrated. Plus there isn’t a need for a separate interface – just a power and ground and you are good to go.

With their Rally-Nav display you can see more than just your odometer or trip; you can also look at your heading info, compass and peak-speed recall. So if you’re looking at upgrading the gauges in your ride, definitely look into Auto Meter’s GPS speedometer – now in more styles to match your existing gauges with unmatched accuracy!

Official Release:

Auto Meter Now Shipping Series Expansion on GPS Speedometers

Sycamore, IL- Auto Meter continues to expand their selection of speedometers equipped with their award winning integrated GPS technology. After the incredible successful launch of fully-integrated GPS into the legendary Sport Comp, Ultra Lite, Phantom and Street Rod lines, this exciting tech is now available in the Carbon Fiber, Traditional Chrome and Z Series. These highly advanced GPS Speedometers require no interface with your vehicle aside from power and ground. Their ultra fast, omnidirectional micro antenna is included for true plug and play functionality and never requires calibration. Even changes in gear ratio or tire and wheel size has no effect on these units’ pinpoint accuracy. Configurable Rally Nav display shows odometer, trip odometer, time/date, GPS coordinates, heading info, compass, and peak speed recall. Quite simply, the easiest, most accurate speedometers available. Spend more time out on the road enjoying your project rather than in the garage working on it. For more information on our full line of GPS Speedometers visit us here.

Auto Meter is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty automotive instrumentation systems as well as battery and electrical system test and charging equipment. The company operates out of a 93,000 square foot facility in Sycamore, Illinois and distributes its products to over 600 active customers within the specialty warehouse distributor, retailer and OEM channels. Auto Meter products are used through out the world and are relied upon by professional racers from NASCAR, to NHRA, to Formula teams as well by sportsmen racers and by street enthusiasts. Auto Meter Test equipment is used by the worlds leading automotive retail and service organizations. To learn more about Auto Meter, please visit


  • Plug and play speedometers that do not require a separate interface
  • Ultra-fast antenna that never needs calibrating
  • Change out your wheels, tires and gears without having to reprogram
  • Expanded series to match your existing gauges
  • Among the easiest and most-accurate reading speedometers on the market
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