ATS-V Leaked!


Photos: GM

Well this was a pleasant surprise; one day after the ATS-V teaser video went viral, GM has officially announced the ATS-V coupe. Well, sort of.

The actual unveiling won’t be until the week of November 21st, but they leaked these shots and accompanying information, anyway. Featuring the very amount of power we guessed the car would have in a previous article, the twin-turbocharged 3.6L V6 packs 450 hp and 455 lb-ft. of torque to the crank – just imagine the tuning possibilities!

Weighing in at a svelte 3600-pounds, the BMW M4-fighter should put the ATS-V squarely in the middle of the competition. To give you drag racers an idea of the performance this car should have, a first-generation CTS-V was only good for 400hp, and weighed roughly 500-pounds more than this car – and that V was a 13.0-second machine out of the box. If our math is correct, we could see the ATS-V in the mid/low-12s off of the showroom floor.

However, straight-line acceleration isn’t what V-series Cadillacs are about, as we eagerly wait to hear just how quick this pocket rocket is around the Nurburgring’s twisties. If the previous CTS-V sedan is of any reference, we can expect this car to be among the fastest ever in its segment. Speaking of sedans, there’s a rumored 4-door version of this car in the works, too.

Having said that, you kind of have to wonder what else Cadillac has up their sleeve for the L.A. Auto Show? If they’re letting the info on this car out of the gate already, we could only hope that they’ll give us a peek off the CTS-V(3).

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