Anderson Composites Introduces New Carbon Fiber Wide-Track Package for 2020-2021 C8 Corvette

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Anderson Composites Introduces New Carbon Fiber Wide-Track Package for 2020-2021 C8 Corvette

City of Industry, CA (November 19, 2021) – Anderson Composites has been busy with further product development since last year with the introduction of our C8 Corvette carbon fiber components. This year, we are introducing the Wide-Track Package which coincidentally is similar to GM’s revised Z06 model which has enhanced aerodynamics along with an upgraded powertrain. The 9-piece package will fit 2020 – 2021 C8 Stingray and Z51 Corvette models.

Our all-carbon fiber Wide-Track Package, (SKU #AC-20C8WTP) took its inspiration from the Chevrolet Team C8.R race car that has been participating in the IMSA Series in the 2021 season. This new 9-piece all carbon fiber package includes: wider front bumper assembly with splitter and canards, 1-1/2” wider front fenders, door opening replacement frames with rocker panel splitters, 1-3/4” wider rear fenders, gas door and a completely redesigned rear bumper assembly that includes a rear diffuser. These components are designed and manufactured to fasten to the stock OE locations for optimal fitment and a seamless appearance, unlike other aftermarket body kits.

The Wide-Track Package will also be offered in fiberglass (SKU #AC-20C8WTP-GF).

The additional 3 inches in front and 3-1/2 inches in the rear body width allows the use of a wider tire and wheel combination for track use. The front bumper was redesigned to increase airflow to the radiators and incorporates 4 canards for increased downforce to the front end. The bumper also includes a more aggressive splitter and belly pan for better aerodynamics. The wider front fenders feature a functional vertical vent for increased heat extraction to improve brake cooling. The front bumper and fenders integrate the factory OE headlight assemblies in the stock locations with no required modifications.

The door opening frame panels are the core components of this package. They integrate the front and rear sections of the vehicle and implement the use of rocker panel splitters to enhance overall aerodynamics. These panels also allow the use of the stock OE doors. The wider rear fenders let more air into the engine intake system via the enhanced side scoops for optimal flow characteristics and improved engine performance.

The rear bumper mates to the wider rear fenders and features a notched lower section that aides in the functionality of a more aggressive rear diffuser. The bumper accommodates the factory tail lights, third brake light and optional Z51 spoiler or high wing. The carbon fiber components are made with the vacuum infusion process with 3K, 2×2 carbon fiber cloth for the best fabric-to-resin ratio that increases strength and retains a high luster, show-quality finish.

These package components can be used with our existing C8 dry carbon fiber hoods (Type-OE and Type-GT), rear hatch, roof, doors and trim for an all-carbon fiber Corvette! Visit our website to see all C8 product offerings.


  • Fits 2020 – 2021 C8 Stingray and Z51 models
  • All carbon fiber, 9-piece package (SKU # AC-20C8WTP) fastens to most stock locations for optimal fitment and a
    seamless appearance. Also available in fiberglass (SKU # AC-20C8WTP-GF)
  • Overall width 3” front, 3-1/2” rear allows use of wider tire and wheel combinations
  • Redesigned wider front bumper features larger air ducts and four canards for increased air flow and downforce
  • Door opening frames integrate front and rear of car with rocker panel splitters
  • Wider front fenders feature vertical vent to improve heat extraction and improve brake cooling
  • Wider rear fenders increase air flow to engine intake system
  • Wider rear bumper improves ­­­­diffuser characteristics and allows use of factory rear spoiler or high wing
  • Carbon fiber components are made with vacuum infusion process with 3K, 2×2 twill carbon fiber cloth
  • High luster, show-quality finish

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