All-New Recaro Sportster GT Marks the Latest in Aftermarket Seating Technology

Official Release: 

The All-New Recaro Sportster GT Marks the Latest in Aftermarket Seating Technology

Designed for today’s sport luxury vehicles Recaro Automotive Seating, the premium brand of Adient, the global leader in automotive seating, unveils the all-new aftermarket seat Sportster GT . With its exclusive new victory design, the sleek lightweight shell fits perfectly into smart interiors and combines the very best of sports and purebred racing seats. This aftermarket product also offers outstanding transferable features for OEM programs.

It features a sleek backrest with Recaro’s victory design and uses advanced performance materials ranging from high-grade leather to sport cloth. The hybrid seat design incorporates the strength of a metal base with an ultra-thin reinforced polymer based backrest.

The Sportster GT’s lightweight structure provides Recaro’s world-renowned performance ergonomics and excellent body support. On top of that, the seat also features new performance foam materials to ensure that the look and feel meets the on-road performance –already today Recaro’s aftermarket Sportster GT provides a glance into the future of potential OEM seat applications.

The integrated headrest, belt pass-throughs and pronounced bolstering are reminiscent of racing seats. The Recaro Sportster GT will be offered in five options from March 2018: black cloth, three suede options (red, blue & cloud gray) plus a premium leather and carbon weave fabric.


  • Offers incredible support
  • Improves ergonomics over OEM seats
  • Provides a quality feel that looks right at home, even in high-end luxury touring cars

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