AES Announces Their Fall Freshen Up Special


With the 2015 racing season now behind us, inevitably, the fun has come to an end. Records have been broken, new ones have been set and the tracks all across the country are slowly starting to cool, awaiting the start of the 2016 season.

The winter months usually mean putting away the race car in storage, and either watch it collect dust under its car cover or tearing it apart and rebuilding it into something faster, stronger and more effective than ever before. However, after a season (or two, or three) of serious competition under your engine’s belt, chances are, things in Millsville could probably use some love.

Luckily, our friends at Automotive Engine Specialties or AES for short, have come up with a very affordable solution. Just last week they announced their “Fall Freshen up Special,” in an attempt to beat the upcoming Holiday rush that they typically see during the “offseason.” For only $1995.00, you can get your long-block completely gone through and “refreshened.” AES has supplied us with the details, below:

  • Disassemble the complete engine
  • Clean & Inspect all partsĀ 
  • Disassemble, clean & inspect heads
  • Check guides, valves and seats for proper seal and clearance, check springs for pressureĀ 
  • Measure cylinder and main bore
  • Check deck for straightness
  • Torque plate hone cylinders
  • Hot wash the block and parts for assembly
  • Hot wash parts, install cam bearings and freeze plugsĀ 
  • Hot wash and re-assemble heads with new sealsĀ 
  • Check cam, lifters, timing set, oil pump, push rods and all internal partsĀ 
  • Mag, measure, and polish crankshaftĀ 
  • Torque and measure rodsĀ 
  • Fully blueprint and assemble engine with new performance gaskets, bearings, andĀ plasma moly rings.Ā 

The team at AES have also mentioned that in addition to the low price of this service and very competitive shipping rates, additional charges could apply under certain circumstances (i.e., if worn or faulty parts are found during disassembly and inspection) Ā – they will replace at the customer’s request. Of course that’s a case-by-case basis, so give them a call if you’re interested in taking advantage of their special! Hurry though, because the dates are November 16th-December 31, 2015.


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