AEM Releases GM LS 58x Plug & Play Engine Wiring Harness for Infinity


AEM Electronics continues to develop some of the most innovative tuning software on the market, particularly for LS-powered vehicles. However, one area that could have always used a little attention was the wiring harnesses for the 58x timing pattern, designed exclusively for LS race engines. Looking for a straightforward solution to that adapts directly from the factory coil sub harnesses and into the Infinity-8h Programmable ECU. Our friends over at AEM sent us all of the information about the product below.

Official Release:

AEM Releases GM LS 58x Plug & Play Engine Wiring Harness for Infinity ECU!
Plugs into factory sub harness and uses factory sensors for easy installation

Hawthorne, CA – AEM has released its Plug & Play Engine Wiring Harness for GM LS race engines with a 58x timing pattern (PN 30-3801, retail price $599.95). This comprehensive, high-quality wiring harness allows racers to easily and affordably integrate the Infinity-8h Programmable ECU onto their 58x LS race engine by plugging into the factory coil sub harnesses and using factory sensors. It mates to the Infinity-8h ECU (PN 30-7108), which carries a retail price of $1,290.50, making a full standalone EFI system/harness combo with integrated traction control, Drive-by-Wire, data logging with video overlay, engine protection and more available for under $2,000.00!

The harness utilizes Automotive-grade, color-coded wiring and the timing inputs (cam and crank sensors) are shielded for optimum performance. Water and shock-proof factory connectors for the sensors are used throughout the harness, as well as DTM-style connectors for auxiliary components. The IP67-rated ECU connector is designed to mate with AEM’s Infinity-8h ECU. Connections for a wideband O2 sensor, Drive-by-Wire, pedal and Knock are integrated into the harness.

An integrated fuse and relay panel includes five relays and seven fuses that provides robust power distribution, engine circuit protection, and easier integration of additional features. Relays with flying leads are included for the fuel pump and fans. The panel’s housing is weather resistant and panel lid is weatherproof for added protection.


  • Plugs into factory sub harnesses and uses factory sensors for easy integration
  • Integrated, weather-resistant fuse & relay panel (7 fuses and 5 relays) for optimum circuit protection
  • Shielded cam/crank inputs
  • Automotive-grade, color-coded wiring
  • High quality braided mesh loom
  • Waterproof & shockproof factory sensor connectors
  • DTM-style connectors for auxiliary components
  • Integrated connectors that mate to OEM coil sub harnesses

AEM LS 58x Infinity Wiring Harness (PN 30-3801) Connectors:

  • Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body
  • Accelerator Pedal
  • Air Temperature Sensor
  • Injectors 1 – 8
  • Ignition Coils Banks 1 & 2
  • Wideband O2
  • Knock Sensor x 2
  • Crank Position Sensor
  • Cam Position Sensor
  • Engine Coolant Temp Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Radiator Fan (12″ flying lead)
  • Fuel Pump (12″ flying lead)
  • 4-Wire Stepper IAC (Optional)
  • 1-Wire Alternator
  • Power Distribution Center (5 Fuse-Protected Relays, Distributed Coil & Injector Power)

The Infinity ECU makes state-of-the-art ECU technology affordable for both professional teams and amateur racers. It delivers complete control of GM 58x LS engines including traction control and Drive-by-Wire, advanced features including map switching, six spare inputs/seven outputs, flex fuel, boost control, nitrous control and data logging, and advanced tuning like individual cylinder knock control, oil/fuel/lean/coolant/overboost engine protection, 10×20 individual cylinder fuel trim tables, 8×8 injector load phasing tables and 10x RPM individual cylinder ignition trims tables.

Built around a latest-generation 32 bit floating point 200MHz automotive processor and Real Time Operating System (RTOS), the Infinity is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second). To our knowledge, the Infinity ECU currently has the fastest processing speed of any aftermarket Motorsports ECU available. This processing speed combined with a RTOS provides more accurate ignition timing for increased power, more responsiveness to truly custom tailor the driving experience to the driver, allows the Infinity to perform more computational features without a sacrifice in processing performance, and enables tuning of features and sub strategies without affecting other features and sub strategies. It allows you to do more, faster, in a more stable programming environment.

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