6th-Gen Renderings Give Us A Peek At 2016 Camaro

CamaroSix-3If you’ve seen the video we posted last week of the apparent 6th-Gen Camaro prototype, you already know that the 2016 Camaro is close to being unveiled. Just looking at the video, however, provides a glimpse of what many believe is the final styling.

Truth be told, it looks a lot like the current car, albeit, a bit smaller, and with a few changes – like the taillights, front fascia, rear spoiler, and the rear quarter windows. As a result, there have been about a million renderings of what the car could look like, and we have just a few of those images here for you, courtesy of our friends from CamaroNews.com and Camaro6.com.

Obviously, these are by no means supposed to be taken seriously, as they are fan-made, not created by General Motors. Despite that, we don’t think that these renderings are too far off from the final product but that’s still up for debate until more information presents itself before the car is unveiled at the 2015 NAIAS.

Things that we do know are for certain, is that the next Camaro, like all of those before it, will ride on an all-new platform, feature new powertrains, interior refinements, body panels (despite the “evolutionary” design), and a complete suspension overhaul.

Knowing the improvements the Camaro team invigorated the brand with just in the six model years that the current car was in production, we look forward to what they bring us for Generation Six!


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