Holley and NMCA Announce Incentive to Break the Seven-Second Barrier

Drag racing is fun watch, but it’s even more fun when you can identify with the car; and thanks to sanctioning bodies like the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA), we get to watch our favorite factory super cars go at it on the strip. Classic names to spark thoughts of nostalgia, like COPO, Drag Pak, and Cobra Jet. The big three (Ford, Chevy, and Dodge) are constantly fanning the flames of competition as they build and make available brand-new factory hot rods that are constructed for nothing else but to terrorize the quarter-mile. In drag racing, there’s only one goal, and that’s to be faster.

In the quest for speed and low E.T.’s, there are always milestones—like “The first 10-inch tire to break in the 9’s” or “The world’s fastest doorslammer on pump gas”, whatever it may be. NMCA and Holley EFI have teamed up to encourage drivers in NMCA’s Factory Super Car class to shoot for yet another goal: Get into the 7’s. Currently, the record for the fastest E.T. is held by Chuck Watson with an 8.117, and the fastest mph record at 165.72 mph. Just a little more than a tenth away from breaking into the 7’s.


How badly do the powers that be want to see a seven-second run? So badly that Holley EFI is offering $5000 to the first driver to run a 7.99 or quicker, and $1000 Holley product certificates to the next four drivers to make it. Not only that, but if they’re the first to break the record running a Holley EFI system, they’ll pocket an additional $5000! Plus, all five drivers will receive “Holley EFI 7 Second Club” jackets to celebrate their achievement.

Right now, there are 27 Factory Super Cars ready to duke it out for the season, starting with the NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem opener at Bradenton Motorsports Park, the weekend of March 8-11, 2018. The gauntlet has been thrown down, who will be the first to break the 7-second barrier? A COPO Camaro, Cobra Jet Mustang, or Drag Pak Challenger?

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