2016 CTS-V to be Unveiled in January; Released Next Summer


Looking to trade in your V1 or V2, but are put off by the CTS Vsport and the  smaller, twin-boosted V6 ATS-V? Don’t fret, because you no longer have to trade in your V1 or V2 for something smaller, slower or from across the pond. The all-new 2016 CTS-V is being unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, and will go on sale next summer.

While Cadillac representatives wouldn’t comment on the power train, you can expect the LSA to be MIA. This is an all-new car with an all-new platform, and as such, it will have an all-new engine. Knowing GM, and given the current state of affairs considering the 21st century horsepower wars, you would be foolish to think it’s going to arrive to the party with the same 556 hp rating or with anything less. Expect 600. Minimum.

If we were to hazard a guess, we would say the LT4 is a good LSA replacement candidate and with 650 hp on tap, should make for one quick automobile. The new car is said to be lighter and better balanced than the outgoing V2 as well, so expect a performance increase from that alone.

CTSVRING-2Like all of the V-series cars that have come before it, expect a very well-balanced European-style American sedan that will more than likely dominate the Germans in its class. Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell was recently quoted as saying, “The destiny of the V Series is to reach higher and do more.” From what we’ve seen so far, he isn’t kidding.


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