2016 Chevy SS to Get a Makeover… and MORE POWER!


After two model years on the market, Chevrolet’s SS sports sedan has yet to come into its own. From slow sales, nonexistent advertisingĀ and even some automotive media types still unclear on its features and specifications, the car’s enthusiast following just isn’t there.

Never intended to be a high-volume car, with Chevrolet only shipping a few thousand a year from the Aussie shores over to our own, the 2014 SS model was a simple but effective sedan equipped with technological advances over the old G8 that truly brought the car into the modern era. The following year, added a much needed 6-speed manual and magnetic ride, borrowed from the Camaro ZL1.

With sales still slow and interest still lagging (seriously, most enthusiast still don’t even know this car exists), rumors have been flying rampantly that for 2016, we can see a more aggressive facelift, increased horsepower, and a possible Camaro 1LE-sourced suspension. Now don’t take any of this to heart, as these are all rumors, and don’t send us emails asking when you can buy one, because GM has yet to confirm any of this at the moment.

However, we can findĀ solaceĀ in the horsepower increase as the Holden Commodore in which the Chevrolet SS is based is getting a mid-life cycle refresh for next year – that’ll include a slight makeover to its front fascia and a supposed 10hp-increase from the current LS3 over the 2015 model. It’s only logical to assume, such as other media outlets have suggested, that these styling and performance enhancements will carryover to the Yank edition.

While it’s too soon to know for sure, we’ll keep an ear out for the updates.

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