Ohio Speed Shops Now Carries Cold Gold Heat Shield


The Cold-Gold Shield by Heatshield Products is made with function and looks in mind. This deflection material protects from heat, without adding weight, and can be used in very tight spaces. Not only does it provide heat and sound protection, it has a high shine and brilliant finish.

Heatshield Products has been developing this TruGold technology for years now so they can provide the best in thermal barrier products. This material is exclusive to Heatshield, and can now be found when you shop online through Ohio Speed Shops. Learn more about it in their official release below.

Official Release:

Ohio Speed Shops Now Carries Cold-Gold Heat Shield from Heatshield Products

Heatshield Products designed the Cold-Gold Shield for the person who loves chrome, polished aluminum and billet and the mesmerizing brilliance of metallic paint: the shine and allure.It deflects heat without adding dead weight, no matter how tight the space, all the while looking like a million bucks.

Heatshield Products engineers has been developing our TruGold technology for years as we have become tired of people spending a lot of money on glorified stickers. Birthday balloon “gold” thermal-barrier products on the market are use a yellow Mylar to shield radiant heat. While Mylar can reflect radiant, so can aluminum foil at a fraction of the cost. The Cold-Gold Shield is made from exclusive TruGold thermal-barrier technology that won’t degrade after long-term heat exposure.

Cold-Gold Tape 1100°F Continuous 2000°F Intermittent
344002 Cold-Gold Tape 1-1/2 in x 5 ft…. $11.65
344004 Cold-Gold Tape 1-1/2 in x 20 ft….$40.90
344008 Cold-Gold Tape 2 in x 25 ft………$63.80
344009 Cold-Gold Tape 2 in x 50 ft……..$118.50
344014 Cold-Gold Tape 4 in x 10 ft………$46.29

Adhesive Backed Cold-Gold Shield 1100°F Continuous 2000°F Intermittent
707003 Cold-Gold Shield 12 in x 24 in…..$35.50
707004 Cold-Gold Shield 24 in x 24 in…..$58.90
707007 Cold-Gold Shield 12 in x 50 ft….$623.50
707009 Cold-Gold Shield 24 in x 50 ft….$980.80
707014 Cold-Gold Shield 36 in x 48 in…$129.64
707016 Cold-Gold Shield 36 in x 72 in…$185.50

Gold Header Exhaust Heat Shield Kits
177704 Gold Header Heat Shield From…$92.82

Gold Turbo Heat Shield with RugGold Technology 1800°F Continuous 2200°F Intermittent
300778 T2 Turbos…$192.80
300773 T3 Turbos…$192.80
300774 T4 Turbos…$197.45
300776 T6 Turbos…$302.63

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