WATCH: The Fastest Trailblazer SS On The Planet Is In The Low 8s!

The Trailblazer SS is one of the best bang for the buck options out there for the geared family man or the drag racer looking for something different. Truth be told, many of these trucks have started off with modest modifications, but as it always goes, one thing leads to another and you start breaking records!

That’s what probably what happened with Matt Cole’s Trailblazer. Once powered by a 395h version of the C6 Corvette LS2, things have escalated to the point of a full-blown Mike Lough Racing Engines 388-cubic inch LS mill. Topped with a set of Trick Flow Specialties cathedral headsmen, and a boost-friendly camshaft from John Bewley at Full Proof Performance.

Oh yeah, about that boost — it comes by way of a Garrett GT55 88mm turbo, from Reed at Work Turbochargers. James Short of ShorTuning dialed in the PCM’s baseline tune, with Matt himself handling the final calibration at the track, and the boosted power plant is backed by a Rossler TH400 transmission, with a ProTorque converter nestled between the engine and the gearbox.

The chassis and 25.3 cage that ties everything together, and makes it work is from Chris Coffey at Coffey Race Prep and Fabrication, whole a set of TBM Brakes bring brings the behemoth to a halt.

Speaking of all of that heft, a few years ago, Matt wanted carbon fibers doors, but to no avail. Nobody made them. Looking to solve the problem himself, Matt taught myself how to make carbon fiber and made his own carbon hood, all four doors, rear hatch, wheel tubs and rear floor section.

While we don’t have an exact figure on how many poundage was lost from the carbon components, we’re sure it’s a fairly substantial number. These trucks are heavy, and tip the scale at around the 4400-lb. mark — or roughly the same weight as a new Hellcat Challenger — from the factory. Any title bit of weight that can be ditched is definitely a good thing. All of the effort has paid off for Matt, as he’s now the fastest Trailblazer SS owner on the planet, with a 8.283 at 168.22 mph in the 1320.’

Matt had only made two passes checking fuel trims and to see what peak boost would be before blowing the intake clamp off. Even with his new record-setting time, he hasn’t leaned on it very hard yet. We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s next for Matt and his truck!

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