WATCH: Taking a Closer Look at the Camaro Rolling Chassis from Chevrolet Performance

The modern iteration of the COPO Camaro has been been available for newly a decade, but in order to get one, you have to enter a lottery and attach a letter convincing Chevrolet Performance why you should have one. Then, you have to fork over a tidy sum for a turnkey race car.

However, if you want to bypass all of the red tape, have a much lower buy-in cost and tailor your race car to suit your tastes, needs or racing class you want to enter, you can do so with the Camaro Rolling Chassis (CRC). The great thing about the CRC is that it has the rear axle, suspension and all of the NHRA-certified safety equipment in place. It’s basically a ready-to-racecar, minus the drivetrain, hood, engine harness and rear gears.

So this is the perfect middle ground between what’s known as a Body in White, and a full-blown, fully-built COPO car. Below, are a few keynote features highlighting the car:


We’ve done the hard work for you—your Camaro Rolling Chassis only needs a few additional parts to take it from the garage to the track.  

  • Hood
  • Engine and engine mounts
  • Engine controller
  • Headers and exhaust system
  • Air inlet and filter
  • Crankcase breather system
  • Coolant hoses
  • Transmission (including torque converter)
  • Drive shaft
  • Differential third member/gear set and battery

Chevrolet Performance offers most of the parts required to complete the assembly, including our range of COPO Camaro racing engines and lightweight hoods.


NHRA-certified, with a roll cage approved for 8.5-second elapsed times, the Camaro Rolling Chassis is built to the same specifications as the limited-production COPO Camaro race cars—and you have the freedom to pick your own powertrain for a customized approach to winning performance.

Standard features include:

  • Strange four-link rear suspension
  • Bogart racing wheels
  • Hoosier drag-racing tires
  • Racing seat
  • Switch panel

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