WATCH: Hennessey Performance Builds a Twin Turbo C8 Corvette

The C8 Corvette may just now be hitting the streets, but that’s not keeping shops like Hennessey Performance from taking them to the next level. Having laid substantial groundwork in the past in previous iterations, and with other models, John Hennessey knows how to immediately improve performance from a factory fresh GM car.

In this recent video from the Hennessey Performance YouTube channel, John takes us for a ride with his twin-turbo C8, which happens to be his shop car. Being a 2020 Z51 it already has a lot going for it, including the 495hp LT2. It’s certainly a great starting point, but’s with anything, Hennessey can’t leave things well enough alone.

Looking to offer twin-turbo kits of various performance levels, John elaborates a little on what has went into the build, where the car is at right now, and what sort of power level the car “feels” like it’s producing. Now it should be said, that the video doesn’t depict any performance or power numbers, but it brings us up to speed on where Hennessey is on the project.

Using their own track as a way to get some additional miles on the car, as well as test it for any initial problems, John does say that there are a few lights on the dash and very little has been done to the car’s ECU. With some real tuning, as well as a chance to fortify the transmission internals, we can only imagine what the car will produce on the dyno rollers. We’ll keep an eye on the Hennessey channel, for future updates in the coming weeks.

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