VIDEO: Wade Rhodes Breaks the TBSS N/A Record – Again!

If you’ve been paying attention to the late-model LSX record-holders for the last few years, you may have heard the name, Wade Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes is not only the record holder for the fastest “cam-only” Trailblazer SS, but he’s also the record holder for the quickest naturally-aspirated TBSS to make its way down the 1320′ as well!

Back on Halloween of 2014, Wade surpassed his previous cam-only 11.56 at 116 mph record, along with the previous best N/A record with his current quarter-mile time of 11.144 at 119.46 mph. Considering the weight and size of these LSX monsters, that’s quite an accomplishment; no nitrous, no blower, no turbo, and a stock bottom end! Sure, we could have told you about it back then, but we all know you would want to see the video for proof. We aim to please, so here it is!

The recipe is largely the same as it has been for some time, featuring a FAST LSX-RT 102mm intake manifold, Nick Williams throttle body and a Vengeance Racing custom grind camshaft that that specs in at 235/239, .624/.624 lift, and a 114 LSA.

A Haines Motorsports 4-inch custom fender well cold-air intake feed air into an attached Colorado MAF with a 4-inch MAF housing and spent fumes are flowed through a set of Kooks 1-7/8-inch headers and a Magnaflow muffler. A set of 42-lb. injectors feed the LS2, while a Ron Davis radiator, a pair of LS1 electric fans and a 160-degree thermostat kept things cool under the striped hood of Wade’s Trailblazer. The tuning is kept is check by Rhodes himself and the truck runs on 110 octane.

Curious as to what Wade has changed since then, we had to go directly to the source and ask him. As Mr. TBSSRB-2Rhodes tells us, “I have solid heim adjustable control arms and Panhard bar in the rear with a 10-inch spring. I’ve cut the bumpstop cups off for axle clearance. Up front, I am [now] on KW coil-overs with stock lower mounts instead of the previous lowering mounts. The solid-adjustable bars really helped control the rearend and keep it from moving on hard launches. The truck also now sits at 30.0-inch on all four corners with the driver in the truck. Everything is dialed in to leave as hard as possible on a footbrake with the M&H 325/45/-17. I’ve also swapped the heads for a pair of CNC-ported TFS 225 castings.”

With a combination of a few added ponies and a more efficient suspension setup, Wade has not only managed to stay on top but to break even his own previous records. With race season just around the corner, we’ll be keeping an eye out for this truck to see it break yet another record – stay tuned!


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