VIDEO: Vengeance Racing’s WannaGoFast Jumbolair

Vengeance Racing (VR) in Cumming, Georgia is one of the premier LS-based tuning shops around, and their efforts on the half-mile and standing-mile tracks in the South haven’t went unnoticed. Our colleagues at Gearhead Flicks were on location at the recent WannaGoFast Half-Mile event in Ocala, Florida, and showcased some of VR’s fastest hardware.

Camaros, Corvettes, CTS-Vs and an unlimited amount of horsepower were all on display, duking it out against other contenders in a winner-take-all competition. Ron Mowen, owner and founder of VR, knows what it takes to win and every car that his crew builds at their facility are among the cleanest and well-sorted in the nation.  Their shop is the same way. It has to be, with the amount of work their business brings, they have to be able to get cars in, built, tuned and back out the doors and returned to their customers as quickly as possible as most of their clientele are serious competitors in the sport.

One of those customers is Mike Bramati, a C6 Corvette owner who was managing just over 186 mph in the half-mile from a standing start, despite the reported slippery track conditions and tuning issues. His previous best was actually 203 mph. With a new intake system and a pair of larger turbos over his previous setup, it’s rare that a race car performs flawlessly out of the shop and this just happened to be the case on this occasion for Mike. We have a feeling we’ll see him greatly improve upon that number at the upcoming event in Georgia, however.

Watching this music video, you get a healthy dose of LS-powered musclecars and Corvettes – most of which put down over 1,000 hp to the tires with various combinations. This video gives you a sense that you’re actually there experiencing it in realtime, with the adrenaline-pumping dub-step version of Matthew McConaughey’s Wolf of Wall Street theme humming in your ear, along with the additional soundtrack that 1,000+ horsepower cars can provide, it makes us want to build a car for such an event. Right now.

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