VIDEO: The “UnderpressureWS6” is a Subtle Sledgehammer

Whenever we receive a Reader’s Rides submission, we read through the owner’s details and sift through the photos provided. With this month’s vehicle already selected, we still wanted to share the photo and video submission of Amir Syed’s WS6.

Amir first heard about us through the GM EFI Magazine Facebook page a few months ago, and has been a fan of our digital rag ever since. Seeing an opportunity to be featured, he felt obligated to hit us up.  The car is a 2000 Trans Am WS6 known as “UnderpressureWS6”  and was built by our friends at East Coast Supercharging (ECS) out of Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

The F-body features ECS’s blueprinted 365 ci. LS2 fed by a “maxed-out” ProCharger D1sc,  their own 4L6X Race Transmission paired with a Yank Pro-Series 3400 converter, Moser 9-inch rearend stuffed with a 3.50 gear set and a Wavetrac differential. The WS6 sticks to the pavement with a full array of Spohn suspension components to help plant the 900+ horsepower to the asphalt. The engine and ECU were both tuned by Doug at ECS, running on pump 93-octane fuel and methanol injection.

With plenty of power to get you back and forth to the local grocery store, we’re anxious to see what this thing will do on a track with the claimed 900+ horsepower being fed to the tires. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for the provided “teaser video” until the full-length motion picture becomes available.


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