Video: Turbocharged COPO Camaro Rocks The Block

Riddled with issues commonplace in such a build, the 2014 COPO Camaro’s initial fire up video started off a little on the rough side. Electrical problems delayed the start up video but the experts at Horsepower Depot got all of the wiring kinks straightened out. Afterwards, the partially assembled car struggled to start but when it did, the results were outstanding and the initial fire up video turned into a first drive video. 

While the COPO Camaro is already an incredibly successful factory-made racecar, there is always room for improvement. It was this thought process that led the guys at Horsepower Depot to develop the oversized plans for the Camaro. Starting with the stock Eliminator engine that has propelled the car through the quarter-mile with a low 8-second ET, Horsepower Depot custom fabricated a 106-mm turbo kit for the car. Along with the turbo kit, came a lot of necessary modifications. These modifications included relocating the radiator, modifying the rest of the cooling system, and modifying the electrical systems.

Horsepower Depot’s fabrication work is absolutely incredible and this car will undoubtedly be putting down some serious numbers very soon, starting with the dyno. The video ends with the car running out of battery after about a 10-minute drive and needing a tow back to the shop. Future plans for the car include the addition of a 16-volt alternator to prevent events such as this from happening in the future. We really cannot wait to see more from this car and these fabricators and will definitely be keeping an eye out for this 2014 turbocharged COPO Camaro. 

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