VIDEO: Turbo LT1-Powered 8-Second Third-Gen Camaro!

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday; an LT1-swapped third-gen. And no, we don’t mean the GEN-V LT1 borrowed out of a C7 Corvette or purchased from the Chevrolet Performance catalog, we’re talking about the iron block throwback from the 1990s.

No VVT. No Active Fuel Management. Just traditional OHV SBC-power from a time when 275 hp was impressive form a brand new V8 pony car. Times may have changed since then, but the owner of this Camaro has taken a path not often seenĀ these days. The kicker is, that he also relies on a rear-mounted turbocharger to put him ahead of most of the pack.

Sporting an Edelbrock intake manifold, aĀ 8891 Precision turbocharger and an air-to-air intercooler, this 3600-lb quarter-mile terror is good for 7.60 at 185 mph in the quarter. However on this particular day at Beech Bend Raceway, he was stuck in the mid-8s due to track conditions and a conservative tune.

While we don’t have any power numbers from the car’s owner, our quick online calculator is telling us that the 3600-lb race weight F-body would have to be producing something north of 1,800 hp to the rear tires based on his 185mph trap speed. Though very possible, we would have to fathom that the car is a bit more than a junkyard LT1 with a turbo; we’d suspect a forged stroker rotating assembly, ported LT1/4 heads, boost-friendly camshaft, etc., etc.

What does make it truly impressive for us, is that the car is driven on the street and still sports air conditioning; which leaves us wondering why so many racers are quick to ditch it? There’s also a Ford 9-inch out back and a fully-built automatic gearbox sitting squarely between it and the boosted LT1 up front.

Clearly built for Drag Week in mind, we have a feeling that this won’t be the last time we see this unusual, boosted 3rd-Gen Camaro!

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