VIDEO: The Smoking Tire’s One Take, Featuring the HEIDTS 4th-Gen IRS

In the last year, you may have heard a lot about our 4th-gen Trans Am, which now features HEIDTS latest hardware; an IRS system for 4th-generation F-bodies. In addition to spotlighting their kit on our car in the past we have managed to plug it a few times since its release.

Truth be told, the kit is more geared to the serious track racer; be it road racing or on the autocross, and the price can be somewhat substantial to some. However, considering the fact that it replaces the entire rear suspension, rear axle, differential and even the brakes in one fell swoop, it’s quite the bargain.

In addition, it’ll provide complete adjustability and the capability to increase the strength of your axles as you add more power and torque. It should be noted, that the rear differential housing that comes with the HEIDTS kit, is none other than a Currie 9-inch unit, paired with Driveshaft Shop axles.

We’ll get more technically into it in another story, but for now, take a look at HEIDTS’ own guinea pig, their 2000 Camaro SS.

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