VIDEO: The Smoking Tire Takes a 6th-gen Drifting

Our colleagues over at The Smoking Tire have recently acquired a 2016 Camaro SS convertible for a little road and track test, for a series of videos. The most recent one, depicts Matt and Zach whipping the Camaro around a parking lot full of orange traffic cones, that serve as a small drift course. The idea, was to put the two video channel hosts to the test see who could out drift the other person, using Chevrolet’s latest pony car.

Equipped as a fully-loaded RS/SS with a triple-white color scheme, magnetic shocks sport-tuned exhaust (great soundtrack, by the way), and a ton of luxury features like heated steering wheel and heated/cooled seats. Packing the 455 hp LT1 and a fantastic suspension system, the Camaro is an incredible handler, but with the right flick of the steering wheel, the car becomes quite the drift machine.

Being at the track with an off-camera LS-powered BMW M3 drift car, the hosts decide to put the Camaro through its paces, while they perform for a best of three runs around the mini drift circuit. Both Matt and Zack play with the suspension, gearing, and sport settings to determine the best formula for drifting a 6th-gen Camaro. How will they fare? Find out in the video above!




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