VIDEO: The 2015 Z06 is Light Years Away!

The C7 Z06 is arguably the best Corvette ever made  – period. Packing 650 hp and 650 lb-ft from its supercharged LT4 V8, its been giving the Viper boys fits and the cynics sleepless nights since it has hit the streets. Rightfully so; the 2014 Stingray had laid the groundwork for what is currently the highest-horsepower GM vehicle ever produced.

We say currently, because it’s rumored that The General is currently working on something big for 2017; a possible mid-engine Corvette with roughly 800 hp. In the meantime, enthusiasts are gobbling the latest Corvette Z06 up like they’re PacMan snacking on blue ghosts, and we’re excited to be tearing into our upcoming C7Z project very soon.

However the Z06 isn’t just about sheer power; it represents everything a modern Corvette should be. It features European styling but isn’t in search of apologies from those who can’t get passed the square taillights. It’s a true global car with elegance and sophistication while taking its reputation as a true driver’s car to new heights. We dig it, you dig it and so should everybody that has a soul and a passion for fine automobiles.

LYA-3So when we found this rather artistic approach to display the beauty and the majesty of the new Corvette, we had to pass it along. Created by, the video, “Light Years Away,” features cinematic videography that we appreciate on a professional level, and it makes us wish that there were more videos like this out there. We enjoyed the special effects and hope that Jeffrey keeps videos like this coming for us GM guys.


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